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Some Impossible blue scans

Polaroid, which photographer (and non photographer) doesn’t love the stuff?
When Polaroid stopped making the film a lot of people were feeling bad about it, but then there was “the Impossible project” rebuilding the instant film following and materials. I think they are doing pretty good because you see the film popping up everywhere and they keep making improvements.


When I visited the store in Vienna I bought some Impossible Blue film, it was already “tricky” by then and it’s now 2 years later so to be honest I kept my fingers crossed to see if something usable would come out, but to my surprise it did, it’s not perfect but it also adds a bit to the charm I think.
Shot on a Mamiya RZ67ProII / 110mm  during a session with our model Corine.

Corine Polaroid Blue Maart 26 2014 1-Edit

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New images Bianca

Last week Bianca was in our studio for a photoshoot.
I’ve been shooting with Bianca for over 6 years and although she does not visit regularly we always try to do at least one session a year 😀 Today some of my favorite images from the session.

Color editing is done by DxO by the way, DxO optics and Filmpack 3.
I’m more and more beginning to love that combination, LOADS of options and possibilities.

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Some new polaroids

As you know sometimes I share some new polaroids I shoot during the workshops/sessions.
Today two from Marie.

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Impossible project

The promised post about Prater will be tomorrow because today I have another very special blogpost.
Tonight I visited “the Impossible Project” store in Vienna.
For people that do not know what the impossible project is, a very short piece of history, when Polaroid stopped production a lot of people were “devastated” who did not grew up with the instant film from Polaroid, I know I loved them, the magic of seeing an image develop in front of your eyes is still “a kind of magic”. And let’s be honest the look is still unique, and ok filters like Alien Skin Exposure (4) rock and give you an amazing look (very similar) but nothing beats shooting a real Polaroid.
Well to make a long story short, according to most it would be an impossible project to resurrect Polaroid, but a group of very enthusiastic employees, investors and “fans” did it, they bought everything they could in Enschede (yes in the Netherlands) and starting the production of an unique instant film called “the impossible project”.


Now in 2012 there is not only film available but they also have several kinds of film, and for me (a vintage look fan) this is of course amazing, but I have to admit that I never tried the “impossible” film, I still had some polaroid left and I only shoot it on special occasions, but when we looked for a restaurant the day before yesterday we saw a store from the impossible project, however they were closed…. so of course I had to go back. And last night I did.

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