May 22-23 Ultimate workshop weekend the Netherlands

One of the things I love the most is teaching workshops, inspiring people and working with cool themes is of course the best thing in the world (well at least for me).


Normally the workshops are full days in which I can cover quite some ground, but there is always more…
That’s where the Ultimate workshop weekends come in.
In 2 days (and an evening) I’ll walk you through every aspect of a successful photoshoot and share business and retouch/workflow tips. And during these weekends we really dive in deep into the technical part, retouching etc. This is the perfect workshop for both medium and high level photographers.


The groups of the ultimate workshop weekends are always small to give all participants a real 1:1 experience.
If you want to join us for the May 22-23th version make sure to surf to INFO AND REGISTRATION PAGE at the moment we have only 2 seats left, so if you want to join us make sure to register and we’ll see you in Emmeloord.


Some of the results from previous ultimate weekends, as you can see we cover all areas of model photography (Styling, different light sources, set building, location work, retouching, business, duo and single shoots, working with smoke, using natural light, posing/coaching the models and much much much more :D)


Nadine February 20 2015 0636

Nadine February 20 2015 0976

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Linda December 10 - 96 - December 10 2014

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