I want to break free…..

Today a special blog post.
First of all it’s my birthday 😀 (44 already pffff) but second of all I wanted to post this one today for another reason.

People that know me know that I’m a huge Queen fan so when our friend Chaim and me talked about him looking a bit like Freddie we actually came up with the idea from the shoot you’re gonna see today.


When we came up with the idea to do a Queen inspired shoot we first had to determine on what to shoot.
Very quickly it was decided we would do a tribute to “I want to break free”.
Styling wise this was of course already a challenge, getting high-heels, clothing etc. but most of all it appeared to be a challenge to get the vacuum cleaner, but eventually we found it so we could plan the shoot. And last weekend it was time to shoot it so today we can show you the results.
Styling : Nadine
MUA : Christa
Freddie : Chaim

I want to break free May 1 2015 29357

I want to break free May 1 2015 29433

I want to break free May 1 2015 29440 1 1

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  1. Martin Quinlan
    Martin Quinlan says:

    I just had to comment on this one 🙂 Congratualations to all, the MUA, ‘model’ and of course Frank. A great conceept brought to light!

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