Dutch NIK webinar

Here you can see the Dutch NIK webinar I did on December 8th.
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  1. Peter_buitelaar
    Peter_buitelaar says:

    Beste Frank, één van de meest interessante cursussen van Nik
    die ik heb gevolgd. De eenvoudigheid van je bewerkingen zonder uren achter een
    computer complex bewerkingen uit te voeren bevalt mij erg. Goede uitleg,
    ondanks de snelheid, duidelijk en weer een aantal nieuwe bewerkingen geleerd.
    De “Frank’s 10 minuten bewerkingen” zijn naar mijn mening meer dan voldoende,
    achter de camera is leuker dan achter de computer. Hoewel ik vaak bij bestaand
    licht fotografeer (theater) met juist heel weinig licht wil graag eens een keer
    een Strobist workshop bij je volgen wat ik gebruik voor portretten, etc..

    • Tomshue
      Tomshue says:

      That link doesn’t really do it justice But this will http://vimeo.com/32286811 It is Winifred Whitfield using    Nik Color Efx Pro 4 and Viveza 2. She is a photo painter but you can really see the power of Nik, better than in that link. I am not trying to pimp another persons work on Franks Blog. But I am a huge Nik software fan and own Efx Pro 4 along with several other Nik programs and I love them all.  They just keep getting better and better!

      The new Detail extractor is incredible, it seems like as software gets better I am really able to save some of my earlier photographs. I stopped deleting files a few years back. I like to revisit the non keepers and use the new software. You will be amazed at what is going with Nik!

      Sorry Frank, if that link is a problem, please remove it. I cant wait to see your English version. 

    • Tomshue
      Tomshue says:

      Oh in the vimeo link above Fast forward to around 8 min mark, this is where the Nik software presentation starts.  I liked what I saw so much I bought the software on the spot!

  2. John Verbruggen
    John Verbruggen says:

    Hoi Frank! Loved your webinar. Always good to see how other pro’s use the fantastic sofware of NIK. Tonal contrast is definitely my NR 1 filter too. Since a couple of months I’m using HDR Efex pro and loving it. I never loved Photomatix, because of bad interface. With NIK I fell in love and i worked really well with nine full stops brackets (from an interior shot straight in to the sun). Sounds crazy, but it worked out really well.

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