Going the extra mile….

We all know the feeling, it’s hot, you’re tired but you still want to make the shot right?
Well in most cases people will decide to just take the shot, get a cold drink and move on, but I think sometimes you just have to go that extra “mile”, in this case it was hardly a mile but it did take some climbing and convincing people.


The following shot was taken from the so called “kodak” point, or in other words a location that was dedicated to give the people a nice photograph. And let’s be honest… there’s nothing wrong with it.
PhotoXperience Mexico C4 (212 of 459)-Edit

However I also saw a small statue which I found very interesting and I thought it would make a cool shot with an extreme wide angle.
The problem was that it was a bit less easy to reach at that moment, the statue was located at the terras of a restaurant a few meters down, not a real problem but at the moment there was work going on and everything was closed up. It took some convincing and the offer to also take some drinks for us to be able to move to the location. I don’t think the owner really understood what I wanted to do but as long as we paid for our cokes it was ok with him (I guess).


As you can see the following images have a lot more impact than the “normal” overview of the city.
PhotoXperience Mexico C4 (150 of 459)-Edit

PhotoXperience Mexico C4 (153 of 459)-Edit

A nice panorama.PhotoXperience Mexico C4 (154 of 459)_HDR

PhotoXperience Mexico C4 (178 of 459)-Edit


And finally some heavy sun in the shot.
I love finding that strong contrast, and the Sony cameras do really well in this kind of situations.
PhotoXperience Mexico C4 (202 of 459)_HDR-Edit

Most shots were done with the A7r and Sigma 12-24 lens.
So the next time you’re on location….. don’t be afraid to go that extra “mile” and get the shot you really want, and don’t think “pffffff just shoot”, in the end you will end up with the better shots and the “pain” etc. are long forgotten the next day (or even an hour later) 😀

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  1. Bill Raddatz
    Bill Raddatz says:

    I really enjoyed your FilmPack webinar yesterday. As a filmmaker and photographer for over 40 years myself, I
    was very interested to hear a photog like you who has experience with the silver halide world and very successfully transitioned into
    the realm of professional digital photography while retaining a lot of the values of the “old” technology with its subtile retouching
    treatment in your artistic tool kit.
    You and Martin were also very entertaining with your Trans-Atlantic banter. Nice job, Frank.
    Regards, Bill

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