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Going the extra mile….

We all know the feeling, it’s hot, you’re tired but you still want to make the shot right?
Well in most cases people will decide to just take the shot, get a cold drink and move on, but I think sometimes you just have to go that extra “mile”, in this case it was hardly a mile but it did take some climbing and convincing people.


The following shot was taken from the so called “kodak” point, or in other words a location that was dedicated to give the people a nice photograph. And let’s be honest… there’s nothing wrong with it.
PhotoXperience Mexico C4 (212 of 459)-Edit

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Streetfaces in Mexico

As you probably already know I love street photography and yesterday I shared some.
But for me the images get really interesting if there are people in there, and as you have seen yesterday… well there were no people 🙂
So today it is time for the second street photography series, this time with the people.


PhotoXperience Mexico C4 (264 of 459)-Edit

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PhotoXperience Mexico

We are back from Mexico and what an experience it was.
During PhotoshopWorld I was asked by Hector and Maru Segovia (brother and sister) if I would be interested in speaking at their event called PhotoXperience. After hearing some good things about it from Joe McNally I immediately said yes. But nothing could have prepared me (us) for the last week.


PhotoXperience is the biggest photography event in Mexico and was organized perfectly, the whole team was awesome and took incredibly good care of the speakers. The program consisted of a mix of different photography areas (including satellite photography which is awesome) and an Expo floor with for example Epson, Elinchrom, Wacom etc. Overall a great ambience and great seminars. After the Expo it was time for full day workshops, but later more on this.


PhotoXperience was located in the beautiful town of Guanajuato and today you see some images I shot from the town, in a following blogpost some street portraits and of course the results from the workshops.


From our side (both Annewiek and me) we would like to send our warmest regards to the Segovia family, the team of PhotoXperience, the assistants, our fellow instructors and most of all the people visiting, we have had some great welcomes and great shows but this… well when we left we almost cried, we really felt like leaving behind a new found family and friends, you guys really are awesome.




All shots were taken with the Sony A7r and no HDR was used, this camera has some amazing dynamic range.
Lens for 99% of the shots : Sony/Zeiss 24-70 f2.8
Sorry for the overload on images, but the town was so incredibly beautiful that you just kept shooting.

Mexico Dec 9 2013 (180 of 271)-Edit

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