Workshop images Christianne

This Saturday Christianne was the model for the Studio Technique II workshop.
In this blog post some of my favorite images from that day.

We started out with a small outside session where I demo’ed the use of the lensbaby lens. Because it started to rain I had to cut this session way too short and actually only got this image which I liked, so I did wanted to share it here. I used one Canon 430EXII strobe as mainlight.

After lunch it was time for the workshop inside the studio.
In the first setup we focussed on the white background and worked from a 3/4 body to a portrait setting.

For the portrait I used the same white background but without the background lights, and an added accent, as you can see the “boring” white background can be anything you want just by changing the light hitting the background. When you don’t use lights on the background (as in this setup) it will drop down to a medium gray in this situation, if I move my model (and mainlight) closer to the background the brightness will go up. This way you can work very quickly and create many different “moods” in your backgrounds without using a lot of lights.

The following setup was done with a striplight and the lighttools grid.

For the last setup it was time to show how much you can do with just the standard reflector you get with your strobes and a simple grid.

Also did some just for fun images with the iPhone4 and old photo.


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  1. Eero
    Eero says:

    The last one looks scary, but in a good way.nI love the white background one best, I have a funny feeling I will do my first white BG in my own studio soon.nI have done them before in other studio shoots.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      HinThe book I did was a long time ago. Check out my instructional DVDs and of course the videos at kelbytraining. I think those are much better than books because you see whats going on.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Nice Frank! Love the variety you get. I think my favorite out of these is the close up with her eyes down. I love the soft look and the dramatic make up. nnCan’t wait to meet you at PSW and to take your classes!

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