New instructional video MTM 2 On location

New Mastering the model shoot instructional video : OUT NOW !!!!

Today sees the release of the second video in the “Mastering the model shoot” series, Video 2 : On location.
Working on location is one of the most challenging things a photographer can face, but also one of the most exciting and of course it can give you great portfolio results, but there can also go so much wrong.

In more than 100 minutes you travel with me, Nadine, Lenaa and of course Annewiek through the UK and Scotland and you see me shooting in different amazing locations and with each locations I share the tips, techniques and the gear to go from ok to WOW.

Topics include :

Working with small flash/speedlights, natural light, the Elinchrom Quadra. Old lenses on modern cameras.

Metering the scene and calculating for stunning results on the fly, dragging the shutter, cheating to get out of the 1/125 rule without HSS, modifiers, working with wide angles or longer lenses and why.

What to look for in a scene, finding the right angles, changing positions for the perfect light, concessions you sometimes have to do and how to work around them

A complete run through of two images of the shoot from start to finish with loads of techniques and tips (I didn’t take the easy ones)

Working with the model, coaching, poses, styling, story telling

And MUCH much more….

The video is now available on and is priced at 35.00 euro.

We also created a new section with classic videos where you can download the first series of instructional videos for a very attractive price.


Only a few of the images shot during this trip.Nadine 113 - July 13 2015

nadine 10 - July 14 2015

Lenaa 40 - July 13 2015

Lenaa 25 - July 13 2015

UK (79 of 134) July 08 2015

UK (20 of 160) July 08 2015

Nadine Juli 9 2015 0091

Nadine 65 - July 13 2015

nadine 93 - July 14 2015

UK (72 of 134) July 08 2015 1

UK (138 of 160) July 08 2015 1