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This weekend Marie modeled during a 1:1 workshop, in this thread some of my favorite images from that workshop and a small explanation of the light setups.


Teaching 1:1 workshops are always fun because with those I can teach 100% flexible, just doing what the student needs. In this case I needed to keep it rather basic so I decided to concentrate on working with the meter and explaining the inverse square law, to demonstrate the way light works I shot several setups together with my student showing the angles of light, but most off all to show how light behaves. From these setups the following ones are my favorites.

A simple portrait shot with the Elinchrom Deep Octa.

Working with the fall off of the light. In this part I show the student(s) how you can measure the light fall off and make sure that it falls off the way you want it, and how to control (predict) this.

In this setup we used just a basic reflector with grid and played around with the angles under which to shoot, this is without a doubt one of the most important things to do when you are shooting, don’t stand in one location but MOVE…. (also see the top image in this blog post)

After this it was time to measure a background to go 100% white without infecting the model.
For the background I always use the Elinchrom wide reflector, which I really advise any one with the Elinchrom system to get, it’s an awesome modifier for the backgrounds. In this setup I used two on the background and the Elinchom 1.90 Octa as main light. In Photoshop I changed the look of the image, which also affected the whites as you can see here.

The power of metering the correct way is that you can set this kind of shots up in a matter of seconds instead of minutes. This is also one of the problems I run into when I teach in a workshop environment where I’m bound to certain time limits vs setups, because I setup the backgrounds/lights so quick with the meter I’m often running into problems because I’m done way before they plan the next setup…. so that means more time for Q&A normally 🙂

The nice thing with this setup is that it’s changed when you remove the background lights. And I LOVE this look.
After this we changed the position and output of the background lights and aimed them towards the model, now acting as accent lights. In this setup the main focus was adding some movement to the shot, this is also something I really love, it just lifts the images up to a new level compared to a more static shot.

Love the backwards motion idea in the next one.

And because my student also loved low key work on location I decided to do something with the staircase in our studio and the new scene we had painted there last weekend. In this case the light was again very simple, just a standard reflector with grid.

Changing the light can give you several options within the same set/scene.

As you might already know I love to teach and workshops like these always trigger me to do something special, and when I also get some images I can use for my own portfolio my day is perfect. For tomorrow some interesting images with Nadine…… and the new scene and some smoke…. so check it out tomorrow.

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  1. Tommy Harmsen
    Tommy Harmsen says:

    Zojuist ingeschreven voor drie van je workshops… ben zeer benieuwd en heb er zin in !

    Tomm Harmsen

  2. Mette Brandt
    Mette Brandt says:

    How wonderful shots! I like them all, and I think the last one is my favorite. And thanks for sharing with us how you do your setups, it´s very inspiring. Thank you, Frank!

  3. Rus Team
    Rus Team says:

    Hello, Frank.
    I didn’t know where to post it , but i think here should be fine. I know  you love your Eli Deep Octa and you use it with Lighttools grid. Can u please tell me which size modifier (100 cm or 70 cm) you are using in studio and which one on locations/outside? Also which grid exatly u are using – 30%,50 or 50%.

    Thank you very much .
    p.s. i have a few of your DVDs!!!

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