Video clip Yvon : Friends

A while ago I decided it was time to add motion to our portfolio.
Some of you might know that I already filmed for a long time, but never serious, always only during trips, holidays, special occasions etc. When I started doing photography more serious somehow video moved to the back, but I still loved doing motion. In todays world I think to survive as a photographer you will have to add motion to your portfolio, in 10 years time the market will be changed a LOT and motion will probably be a normal part of everyday work in a “photo” studio, moving covers, moving images in a fashion spread on the iPad10 (or android or whatever) will be just as normal as we now see steady images.


I could of course stop there but somehow I always want more, so I decided to do 5 videoclips for my own portfolio, so that means “FOR FREE”, some artists responded and I do have to add I’m picky for what I choose. I wanted a pop song, a rap song, a pop ballad and a Rock or Metal song so doing almost every genre I love. Today you see clip 3 in my adventure into video editing and filming.

The video was shot on Thurdsay Augustus 25th at the Meerpaal in Dronten with a 5DMKII.
Editing was done in Adobe Premiere 5.5 because I needed Multicam for this kind of work, slowly I’m more and more drawn to PP5.5, it’s a shame FCPx is still postponing the MC update because in many facts I also love FCPx and I can edit quicker in FCPx than in PP but without MC this edit would have cost me at least 10x as much work.


More information about the clip :


Videoclip for the song “Friends” by Yvon

Shot and edited by : Frank Doorhof
Assistant : Wendy Appelman

Recording song :
Mailman studio Utrecht (mixed by Martijn Groenenveld)

Martin Verdonk, percussion
Nick Verstappen, guitar and Bass
Yvon, keys and vocals, arrangements and text