Professional Imaging 2011 day 3

We are just back from the Professional Imaging 2011.
3 Days of trade show, seminars, workshops and networking.
For me the Professional imaging is always something I look forward to but also three days of very intense work, I almost constantly demo on the booth from Fotoflits (Elinchrom) and have meetings with people that follow my work.

Here you can see the video from day 3 (the last day)

For me the Professional Imaging was much more busy than previous years, we got a noticeable larger crowd at the workshops at the booth and at sometimes it took me about half an hour to get to the restroom because I would be stopped so many times… but hey I love talking to people about photography so I really don’t mind of course.
One of the main attractions this year was Matt Klowskowski (one of the photoshop guys) and because I already knew Matt from the time I spend at Kelby headquarters I was already looking forward to meeting up with Matt again and have some fun during the shows. And as the people who visited the keynotes from Matt will have heard we did have loads of fun with Matt’s light, cards and his balancing act (and don’t even start about ripping the shirts). And yes, I will indeed try some composites soon, don’t know yet if I will ever publish them, but I do have some ideas that COULD turn out cool.

During shows like these it’s always very good to network with companies and find new products and for me it’s also a change to test some new gear during the demos, as mentioned in the other blog post I did all my demos with the Leaf Aptus12 80MP back which will give me some nightmares for the weeks to come…. I still have the back by the way, somehow I think they forgot it ?
Well actually I can play with it for another week, but hey I can always dream can’t I ?
I also had some good conversations with Wacom for which I will do some work in the future. There are also some plans for the UK with OnOne which have been a sponsor for some time now, and there will be something coming with NIK software in the form of workshops, but we have to streamline those plans but if they happen it will be awesome.

Professional Imaging also means working with a LOT of models. During this Professional Imaging the following people really deserve a special mention :
Matt Kloskowski : for showing me the “light” for some photoshop tips.
Dilani and Wendy : assisting me and taking a LOAD of work out of my hands.
Annewiek Doorhof : assisting me, being there and making sure I took the rest I needed (and forcing me to take time to eat)
Linda and Carla : my 2 favorite MUAs
And the following models :
Alise (don’t ever shout like that again), Ilse, Marijke, Lisanne, Nadine, Cynthia, Myrthe and Stephanie
The team from Fotoflits for allowing me to shoot on their booth
The organisation of the Professional imaging for not complaining when we created the traffic jams
And finally but without a doubt possible the most important, all the people that visited out booth and stayed during the workshops you guys ROCK!


This week we will do some small photoshoots including one for the singer Savanna and two workshops, next week will be a bit more hectic because on Friday we will leave for Orlando were I will teach several keynotes on Photoshop world and I don’t have to tell you I incredibly look forward to this.

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  1. Erwin
    Erwin says:

    Frank looks like this one ended real well now hope you get some decent sleep! Just curious, what lens did you use? Is there a remote chance you could post a comparison of the 80 mp back compared to what you use and if it really makes diference?

  2. Frank Doorhof
    Frank Doorhof says:

    I did the first session with my own back so I will post some images if I have some that look alike. But I will without a doubt post some of the 80MP and do a small review.

  3. Rickey Moore
    Rickey Moore says:

    Loved the posts and videos from PI . . . after watching your videos on Kelby Training I have become a big fan and follow you blog with every update…
    I especially benefited from your training on Metering . . . i would love to see more concerning your use of a light meter…
    Thanks for your willingness to share your work.

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