A new book you just HAVE to read…. no really

Yesterday I got the new book by Matt Kloskowski about compositing.
I have to admit that I did maybe 2-3 composites during the last few years but I do love the look, however with a motto that sounds like “why fake it when you can create it!” I really can’t of course do composites……

Well ok, I already saw Matt in action a few times during his Amsterdam demo on compositing and I decided that one day (when the time is right) I would be doing a composite….. and I can tell you after quickly browsing through Matt’s book I can’t wait to start….


You know those books you buy and they end up in the closet covered in dust because they do not deliver what you thought, were too simple, you had to read through tons of lines before getting one line you can use (yeah I own a lot of those), that’s one of the reason I loved the books by Scott Kelby, they are to the point, no “fluff” and there is a lot of humor, well the book “Photoshop Compositing secrets” ranks very high up there for me.

So to make a long story short, if you REALLY want to dive into compositing, and you are afraid it’s difficult ? get the book “Photoshop Compositing secrets” by Matt Kloskowski


I’m very busy and stayed in bed for an hour longer this morning, just because I started reading the first chapter…… and that says a lot 😀








Now I can’t wait to do a composite, thanks Matt like I’m not doing enough 😀

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