You know, the first thing I thought was “Why a new social network”.
I’m already on Facebook, twitter, hyves etc.   and there we have another one.
However as you could have read before I LOVE Google +, especially for Photographers/Videographers it’s I think the best network. The way it shows images, video etc. it’s just awesome, add the great mobile app and you can see why Google + is great.


Like with Twitter I can “G+” images and stories while on location, and to be honest my network exploded, I have more people following me on G+ in a few days than I had on Twitter in more than a year, and it’s still growing, for me I will keep updating Facebook and twitter via linked messages but to be honest I’ll be focussing on G+ more and more. So if you need an invite just let me know, you can find me on 


You might ask, “Why this blogpost, you already mentioned this a while ago”, well yes but yesterday someone send me this link and as a huge Queen fan I just HAD to share this one, and it almost exactly mirrors my feelings about Google +