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Mastering the model shoot in Chinese

During our trip in Finland I got some great news I also want to share via the blog of course.
My book “Mastering the model shoot” has now also been translated into Chinese….
So if you’re native tongue is Chinese (and for a lot of people that is the case) make sure to check it out.

Mastering the modelshoot in Chinees 3 - February 27 2015

Mastering the modelshoot in Chinees 4 - February 27 2015

a free e-book

Over the last few days you have seen a lot if images I took during our stay in the USA for PhotoshopWorld Vegas 2012.
Because we also added some private days I got a lot of images that I found worth sharing, but also that I put into a book for private use….. now some of you asked me if it would be possible to also get a book and I have to be honest, I just threw some images together in Lightroom4’s book module and did not take much care about layout etc. However because Blurb gives me the option to offer a book as free iPad book I decided to just open that up for you guys. So if you’re interested in seeing the images in a nice e-book form feel free to surf to : http://store.blurb.com/ebooks/326992-los-angeles-and-vegas-2012  and download it for your iPad.

Next time I will take some more care about layout and stories, got myself a challenge there I guess 🙂

A new book you just HAVE to read…. no really

Yesterday I got the new book by Matt Kloskowski about compositing.
I have to admit that I did maybe 2-3 composites during the last few years but I do love the look, however with a motto that sounds like “why fake it when you can create it!” I really can’t of course do composites……

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