New model Bertrie

As mentioned before, most of the time we are looking for new talent, normally this means we will shoot 1-2 models each month via so called “test sessions”, small bare bones 1 hour sessions (sometimes 2) in which we try several things but keep everything really simple. From the models we shoot maybe 10% will also end up working for the studio for the workshops or assignments.

In this blogpost I like to introduce Bertrie.
She will be doing some workshops in the near future so watch out for more images from this beauty from Leeuwarden.

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  1. fred
    fred says:

    Yes! She is frightening and powerful! Good job, Frank! Congratulations that you are in a place as a professional where you do not have to wade any longer through the no-shows. She has awesome eyes.

  2. dennis wester
    dennis wester says:

    wow she is very beautiful,mysterious look how do you get all these exceptional models. that would make a good seminar how to find and get a model of this that last shot

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      HARD work, going through piles of mails and models, and trying to find the good ones. But also shooting a lot of not so good ones.

      It looks like we hit the jackpot many times but that’s mainly because I don’t post the many many shoots that end in a “we call you, don’t call us”.

  3. Fidel
    Fidel says:

    Frank, You are lucky. Aside you have talent, skills, Knowledge, great coaching, great lights, great cameras, there are models that are looking for fashion. Here in USA, in my city Houston, they are more into vampires, blood, weird things, etc. I called them for fashion shoots, they don’t come, not interested. At least I have to chance to see your pictures and make my day. Keep up the amazing work!

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      Would love to be in your town then 😀
      No without kidding, themed shoots rock, fashion is cool but the real themes is were you can play and improve your story telling skills.

  4. Scott Zych
    Scott Zych says:

    Last image here is brilliant. Awesome job. Would love to see a video training on how you did this.

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