Marie fashion workshop day 2

Welcome to my selection from the second day from the 1:1 workshop.
In the previous post you have seen the images from Nirmala. Today it’s time for Marie.


During the second day of the 1:1 workshop I concentrated on more “Focused” light sources and filling in the shadows by using the light meter. But as you can see also on expression and posing for portraits. The first images started really simple with Marie standing in the corner and she was lit by a grid, the shadows were openend up by setting a large softbox 3.5 stops below the mainlight.

For the next setup we thought it would be fun to add some lights and make a more elaborate light setup.

While shooting 3/4 bodies it’s often obvious that people coach the model to take different poses, however it’s also important to watch the posing with portraits, and this is often forgotten, or not given the attention it needs. So for the next setup we started with simple standard portraits and worked through till we reached a point were the portraits started to “life”.

Somehow the stairs however always have a certain appeal to people…. so the next setup was focussed around working with the stairs.


Well ok, the stairs are always fun.
But I also believe it’s important to move closer and get some other angles and crops, because something is interesting as a shot it’s often forgotten that the closeups can be even more interesting due to the “forced” poses and the “options” the model has to pose on certain “props”.

 Include the light and get a nice “backstage idea”.

For the final setup I used an old window which was used to place Marie behind.
Actually you are hardly seeing the window but by playing with the angle under which you shoot you can often make very strong compositions, in those cases showing less of the “prop” is more and can make a shot much stronger.

I have to add that I hardly do any Photoshop compositing, however because it was a 1:1 workshop and I wanted to show some neat Photoshop tricks this happened before I knew it (I combined several techniques in one image and I loved the outcome).

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  1. Paul Tortora
    Paul Tortora says:

    Frank, another great set of images. Really liking the change-up with the shadows filled in a bit. Also love the ‘life’ in the head shots — you always seem to get some great expression and emotion out of your models and I know that isn’t easy. Lastly, the first image (b+w on top), is over the top… I keep looking at it over and over and IMO, that’s what makes a photo spectacular!

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      Thanks Somehow I also love the first one, has to be one of my favorite shots ever…. and it’s B&W 🙂

      Expressions are very important, I’m always happy when a model can pull them off.

  2. Leigh Catley
    Leigh Catley says:

    As always, a great set of images. What is celar is the connection that you and Marie have during your shoots. It is amazing how you are able to match the lighting to the pose and expressions of Marie. I just love it!


  3. Darren O'Brien-Photographer
    Darren O'Brien-Photographer says:

    First time commenting on your blog, but I am loving your work at the moment. For the set of slightly warm portraits are you using a three light set up? Really like these images. I have just got my very own studio and I am still working on my light set ups.

    So far your insistence on using lightmeters have helped my photography no end, especially on my fashion and portrait work.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      Good to hear.
      I used the three light setup for the portraits indeed.
      Two accents and one main.

      Light meters Rock 😀
      Must change that to my “slogan” 😀

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