New images Gwendolyn

Today some new images I shot during a workshop last week with Gwendolyn.

And I know you guys like it when I use the little Fuji X10 for some shots, so this time I also used that one again for some images. I’m still happy with the X10, for me it’s the perfect point and shoot camera, and it keeps surprising me in settings like this, yes it’s no comparison to a MF camera or even the Canon, but man it’s got a sweet look to it…. so here are some X10 images.

The final shot for today is my personal favorite, and this one was shot with the Leaf again. One strobe and Gwen pushed to the background. Sometimes simple can be so rocking.

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5 replies
  1. SitchaChante
    SitchaChante says:

    Nice images Frank! I especially like the 5th and 6th…with the black background. Your model has a great facial structure that your lighting accents beautifully.

    I can’t remember if I read it somewhere or someone told me, but somehow I have gotten it my head that it’s not good to have the light illuminate the ear. I have several images that I did last week that had a similar profile. I thought they were nice images but I rejected them right away because the ear was lit. I am going to take another look at my images and re-evaluate them using my instincts this time.

    I love your work…you’ve been a huge inspiration.

  2. JorgeV
    JorgeV says:

    Great photos and the 1st,5th,6th and 7th for me the model naturality and beauty is amazing there is a great harmony in colour,light and expression.

  3. Terry
    Terry says:

    As I consider the variety of these images, for some reason I want to ask your opinion on buying my first soft box accessory — too many options out there.

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