Maria Bertrand

As you probably already know we’re back from PhotoShopWorld (later more on this).
PSW switches between Orlando and Las Vegas (and sometimes other places), and this time it was Las Vegas.
Because we travelled with my mom we decided to not fly in to Vegas directly but to fly to LA and stay a few days there, and drive to Vegas after that, a short vacation so to speak. However vacation or not…. when you’re in LA (lala land) you must of course also shoot an actor or actress 😀

Via a good friend of mine (and great fitness shooter) Ian L. Sitren I got in contact with Maria Bertrand, a professional actress and fitness model in LA. Now some people are just cool, and some people are incredibly nice and cool, Maria is one of the last category. Originally she would only be joining us for diner, but let’s be honest when you have the change to shoot such a beautiful lady you can’t resist, so we decided to do a quick impromptu shoot.

We started right outside the restaurant and used the setting sun as our decor.
For the images above I used the new Canon 600 series strobes.
The following image was shot with natural light.

After this very quick session we moved to Maria’s house and decided to do some shots in and around her pool. There was one “slight” problem…. the sun had already gone and in LA it’s very dark, very quickly, but thanks to Ian’s mastery with my iPhone flashlight I could nail the focus and do the shoot 😀

I would like to thank both Maria and Ian for the great night.
Although the session only took app an hour we were able to do a lot of different setups. Next time I’m in LA I’m sure we will hook up again and do it a bit more “advanced” and planned.


Maria, You rock.


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  1. mevanecek
    mevanecek says:

    Good luck follows you; very nice. Curious…do you (or, can you) get a model release in this type of situation? Wondering how the subject typically would respond when asked to sign a release…

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      Good question, in most cases the signing of a model release is just the way to go especially when you want to use the images commercially.

      don’t avoid the topic, just do it. A professional will never mind.

  2. Ian L. Sitren
    Ian L. Sitren says:

    Frank… This was just great fun! We need to do more shooting like this and it was great seeing you. You are right about Maria… she rocks! Maria has been photographed in cities and exotic locations around the world for many fashion houses and magazines. I count myself very lucky to have her as a friend and to have her in front of my cameras too! Thanks for your enthusiasm in making this photo shoot happen!

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