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Disney Concert hall

For me this must be one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen.
I’m not into architecture but the way this building is designed makes it a photographers dream, I just love to zoom in and try to capture some of the curves and figures going on. Today a few of the shots I did from the Disney Concert hall in LA.

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During our stay in Los Angeles I posted a question on Google+ about finding some cool spots to shoot Graffiti in LA. Now let’s make one thing very clear…. you can find the most beautiful graffiti all over Los Angeles, but often the more concentrated areas are easier to shoot due to the always time pressure, and LA has some very concentrated areas. In this blog post I share a few of my favorite shots from a few of those places.

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Get your kicks on Route 66

Ever since I was a young boy I dreamt of going to America.
Somehow the country had an enormous draw on me, I loved the 50-60’s, R&R, the muscle cars (even owned a 1970 Pontiac Firebird Formule 400 for a few years) and of course the legendary Route66. Every chance I get I will try to see documentaries about this amazing travel from one side of the states to the other, the mother road.

The first time we visited Los Angeles we tried to find some of this road, but we were not that lucky, due to time stress and simply put lack of information we had to do with just a few landmarks but nothing spectacular, and the second time we visited LA it was also not doable due to again time stress, but I still wanted to do some of the route… so when we booked our flight to PhotoshopWorld Las Vegas this time we decided to fly into LAX and drive to Vegas. And I mean not the 3-4 hour drive… no we planned on doing the 7-9 hour drive (including stops etc.) In this blogpost some images from that drive and some behind the scenes stories.

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Maria Bertrand

As you probably already know we’re back from PhotoShopWorld (later more on this).
PSW switches between Orlando and Las Vegas (and sometimes other places), and this time it was Las Vegas.
Because we travelled with my mom we decided to not fly in to Vegas directly but to fly to LA and stay a few days there, and drive to Vegas after that, a short vacation so to speak. However vacation or not…. when you’re in LA (lala land) you must of course also shoot an actor or actress 😀

Via a good friend of mine (and great fitness shooter) Ian L. Sitren www.secondfocus.com I got in contact with Maria Bertrand, a professional actress and fitness model in LA. Now some people are just cool, and some people are incredibly nice and cool, Maria is one of the last category. Originally she would only be joining us for diner, but let’s be honest when you have the change to shoot such a beautiful lady you can’t resist, so we decided to do a quick impromptu shoot.

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