Don’t you just love motion

One of the things I absolutely LOVE to do is adding motion to a shot, especially freezing it.
For my classic portraiture series I’m working with some artists and actors to build a small series and one of the people on my list was Lorenzo.
Now maybe you know Lorenzo from “So you think you can dance” and the movie “Body Language” and if you do, you know this boy can move….


Lorenzo was more than willing to pose for the classic portraits (which I show later in the week), but he also had some cool ideas himself, and when a dancer has some ideas… well just go with it.


Today some of the results from that session.

Lorenzo  November 11 2014 0016

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Maria Bertrand

As you probably already know we’re back from PhotoShopWorld (later more on this).
PSW switches between Orlando and Las Vegas (and sometimes other places), and this time it was Las Vegas.
Because we travelled with my mom we decided to not fly in to Vegas directly but to fly to LA and stay a few days there, and drive to Vegas after that, a short vacation so to speak. However vacation or not…. when you’re in LA (lala land) you must of course also shoot an actor or actress 😀

Via a good friend of mine (and great fitness shooter) Ian L. Sitren I got in contact with Maria Bertrand, a professional actress and fitness model in LA. Now some people are just cool, and some people are incredibly nice and cool, Maria is one of the last category. Originally she would only be joining us for diner, but let’s be honest when you have the change to shoot such a beautiful lady you can’t resist, so we decided to do a quick impromptu shoot.

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