Glamour testsession with Jamie

In this blog post some images from the testsession I did with Jamie for our glamour workshops.
This is one of the last testsets for a while, I’ve found a few new models, but I will of course keep doing test sessions, but at the moment I’ve found what I was looking for. As mentioned before, these testsessions are not meant as “photo shoots” it’s of course a photo shoot (although they only take 2 hours), but the light setups used are standard, so if you think “Hey I’ve seen this before” you are right…. I just post them to share and give some information in between and of course to give some eye candy to the visitors 😀

For the first setup I used a light setup that I really like.
It’s the 1.90 octa with two added accents fitted with the Elinchrom wide adaptor and a white seamless paper background. The nice thing is that the white background will show up in a light gray color due to the inverse square law, which dictates that light falls off over a distance, you can really make use of this with this kind of setups. As you can see in the first image in this blog post and the following I experimented a bit with the colortoning, and still don’t know which one I like best, so if you want to give your input feel free to do so 😀

With the next setup I used the 1.90 Octa again but from a distance of app 3 mtrs, due to the large size you can very nicely control the hardness of the shadows and light fall off and still get a nice even light fall off if you use it close to the model, it’s an incredibly nice soft box (highly recommended).

Next up was the maxilite from Elinchrom with the custom added grid. I recently got a good tip from a company delivering grids for the maxilite and I hope to have a review up here soon, if it’s indeed working as advertised we will start using the grid ourselves, because having a grid with duck tape is not ideal 😀

Choosing the correct angle and position is very important with this setup, by changing my position I can change the light quality completely.
For the next setup I used the Elinchrom Deep octa with Lighttools grid. One striplight as accent and one standard reflector with grid on the background. Most important for this setup is to make sure there is NO light (or as little as possible) light hitting the background. A good lightmeter is perfect for this (I use the Sekonic 758), I measure the background with the spotmeter and make sure the background is at between 3-3.5 stops lower than the mainlight, this means the background will be dark enough but still shows some detail, when you add the spot (reflector with grid) after this you get a very nice light effect on the background.

For the last setup I wanted to make a very flat lightsetup so all the attention went to the clothing. I love this background (it’s just wallpaper :D) and somehow the combination worked for me. Lightsetup here is again the Elinchrom Deep Octa.

And one final portrait (same light setup as above image)

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  1. Leo Koach
    Leo Koach says:

    She is gorgeous. Isn’t it much netter to work with a beautiful woman like her… makes things much easier for a photographer… Your lighting ideas and poses on top, conclusion: Great Work 🙂

  2. Nancee_art
    Nancee_art says:

    I’m soooooo glad you didn’t retouch her freckles away – she’s lovely – you’re pictures really respect and highlight her beauty

  3. Martin Boltje
    Martin Boltje says:

    Great pictures, of a beautiful model. picture 0966, she could be a replacement of lara croft. nI also love the background, the blue balls. My idea was to use some wallpaper on thin wooden plates. Now I read you’re also using wallpaper, great. How did you aply this, on a frame or something?

  4. AfA
    AfA says:

    Very nice lighting and poses. It is impressive how she can have so many freckles on her upper body and none on her legs :O She is simply gorgeous.

  5. AfA
    AfA says:

    Very nice lighting and poses. It is impressive how she can have so many freckles on her upper body and none on her legs :O She is simply gorgeous.

  6. twalkerphoto
    twalkerphoto says:

    This is the most beautiful model you’ve had yet! Please use her more often! =)

  7. YW
    YW says:

    Jamie is a very lovely girl to work with, i just shot her a couple days ago.n

  8. Eero
    Eero says:

    I love the 1st two the best (clear bottom boots) 1st one being favorite, the background in the 2nd is better for my taste.

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