LA day 3

Normally I don’t post a blogpost on Sunday, but I thought let’s make an exception for this time.
Today was Day 3 in Los Angeles, and the last day that is 🙁
Tomorrow we are already leaving for Vegas, we’re gonna drive ourselves and will be visiting several stops along the road including Amboy which I really (really) look forward to.

So expect a lot of images from that place.

Today we visited the “walk of fame”, I still don’t really like it there.
The first time we visited LA we had such high expectations from many of the places in LA that you hear about, but to be honest all were somewhat disappointing, and I think the walk of fame was the most disappointing, I don’t know what I would have expected but I think it’s WAY too touristy for me. And don’t get me wrong I LOVE Los Angeles, for example Venice still is one of my favorite places to visit and you can see some of the shots in the gallery for today.


Time really flies, I hardly can imagine that we’re already leaving for Vegas, but MAN am I psyched about teaching at PhotoshopWorld again, I feel so honored that so many people visit my workshops and seminars, so in advance, thank you all so very much, and see you in Vegas.

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  1. Rogier Bos
    Rogier Bos says:

    Mooi hoor Frank, Je hebt echt het L.A. beach gevoel wel te pakken. L.A. is eigenlijk niet een mooie stad. Meer urban sprawl. Veel plezier op weg naar Vegas. Ga je ook langs de Grand Canyon? Die is wel heel erg de moeite waard!

  2. Tom
    Tom says:

    Frank, I am really enjoying your view of California. Venice beach is one of my favorite places also. Some of the best people watching in the world. You will enjoy Amboy but it is not like what you have been seeing. Looking forward to your pictures from there. Hope you get some camera time in Vegas also.

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