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During our stay in Los Angeles I posted a question on Google+ about finding some cool spots to shoot Graffiti in LA. Now let’s make one thing very clear…. you can find the most beautiful graffiti all over Los Angeles, but often the more concentrated areas are easier to shoot due to the always time pressure, and LA has some very concentrated areas. In this blog post I share a few of my favorite shots from a few of those places.

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Some stories behind the faces

In the previous blog post you found some tips and tricks for street photography.
Today some of my favorite shots with a story attached.

Remember that these portraits are taken VERY quickly so are far from perfect.
Most of the times I take 2-3 shots and that’s it, you can take more time of course but for me part of the challenge is to nail it in a few shots max and let the subject go as quickly as possible, over time I will probably learn to take more time, because when looking back some of these could have been much better by taking maybe 1-2 minutes more. But hey, that’s what it’s all about (the learning process).

This shot I took during our trip over the Pacific Coast Highway.
I was actually shooting a VW with surfboard when the lifeguard approached me and asked me if I liked the car… well I did and we started to talk. Of course I asked him to pose for me for a quick portrait, and he did resulting in this image.

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Faces of Los Angeles

It’s no secret that I love shooting people.
Don’t get me wrong, I really mean photographing people of course.
In fashion photography it’s easy, you can ask the model to do certain poses over and over again (to a certain limit) so you can really get the shot you want. With celebrities it’s a bit more stressful because you don’t have that much time and the pressure on those shoots are always a bit higher than a normal fashion shot (although some can be really stressful).

Over the last few years I’ve developed another love for shooting people, namely on the street.
Now one could argue about how to call this, is it street photography?, Streetportraits?, Candids?
Whatever you call it it’s something I love to do. In this blog post some tips and tricks and a lot of images.

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Get your kicks on Route 66

Ever since I was a young boy I dreamt of going to America.
Somehow the country had an enormous draw on me, I loved the 50-60’s, R&R, the muscle cars (even owned a 1970 Pontiac Firebird Formule 400 for a few years) and of course the legendary Route66. Every chance I get I will try to see documentaries about this amazing travel from one side of the states to the other, the mother road.

The first time we visited Los Angeles we tried to find some of this road, but we were not that lucky, due to time stress and simply put lack of information we had to do with just a few landmarks but nothing spectacular, and the second time we visited LA it was also not doable due to again time stress, but I still wanted to do some of the route… so when we booked our flight to PhotoshopWorld Las Vegas this time we decided to fly into LAX and drive to Vegas. And I mean not the 3-4 hour drive… no we planned on doing the 7-9 hour drive (including stops etc.) In this blogpost some images from that drive and some behind the scenes stories.

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