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Driving from LA to Vegas

As long as I can remember I’m in love with the states, somehow I just love the country, the people but most of all the sometimes incredible nature. Especially California I love for the simple reason that as a photographer the landscape just changes every few miles with the next view even more jawdropping than the next.

Also as long as I can remember I’ve been wanting to drive parts of Route66 and of course the drive between Vegas and LA… well both dreams have come true this time. I’m a sucker for the old fashioned American styles, I love diners, gas stations, billboards etc. so just driving some Route 66 in LA was not enough, I wanted the real route 66 and let’s be honest what’s the best option?…. indeed combine it with the drive from Los Angeles to Vegas.

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Pacific coast highway Part II

Today so more images from our drive on the PCH (Pacific coast highway).

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LA day 3

Normally I don’t post a blogpost on Sunday, but I thought let’s make an exception for this time.
Today was Day 3 in Los Angeles, and the last day that is 🙁
Tomorrow we are already leaving for Vegas, we’re gonna drive ourselves and will be visiting several stops along the road including Amboy which I really (really) look forward to.

So expect a lot of images from that place.

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Pacific Coast Highway part I

One of the things I LOVE to do when I’m in LA is driving the Pacific Coast Highway. This road brings you from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara and has some of the most amazing beaches, views and small towns you can imagine.
Without a doubt it’s a high point of the trip, today part I of the images I took during the drive.

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