Testsession and introduction new model LT.

As you might have read on Twitter, we’re looking for new models for the workshops.
Every once in a while it’s time to refresh the models of course and at the moment we’re in the middle of the testshoots. In these testshoots the models are in the studio for approximately 1-2 hours and in the testsession I try to build a portfolio for them, but most of all of course test them for the workshops. The models I use for the workshops have to have certain qualities which go further than just being pretty.

Yesterday it was time for LT, and yes that’s really her name (it was the first thing I asked).
LT will be doing some of the fashion workshops for me and I’m already in love with her looks, very classic and a great sense of humor.

During the sessions I will start out very simple to make some headshots and 3/4 bodies. In this case I used the Deep Octa with a striplight to start out with. On the first shot you see the striplight as accent, with the second set I only used the deep octa.

After the more simple setup we changed the light to the Elinchrom 1.90mtr Octa and we played a bit with wind to get some (in my opinion) stunning portraits, I already twittered that this very well may have been some of the best portraits I ever shot for a model, I especially like the portrait I started the blog with. Now the question was asked on Twitter “what makes the best portrait?” well to be honest I don’t know…. I’ve made portraits that look technical better than these, better clothing etc. etc. but somehow these two have something special, call it “soul”, the look of the model, the way the light falls etc. it’s for me a complete package and these two I particularly love.

Of course you can’t have a photoshoot without the staircase in the studio, actually I use that a lot to test out how creative the new models are with posing. And LT did fine, she rocked the stairs 😎 For these shots I used the striplight aimed from the ceiling down to the model.

We ended the session with some shots against a plain white wall, I love to light these kind of shots with the Elinchrom Maxilight, I did add a custom grid to it. Because there is no real grid for the Maxilight you have to be creative, but we have duck-tape…..

LT will start her workshops in June, make sure to book one with her….
Usually the models do much better in the workshops, and man ….. does that promise something.
Feel free to comment, share etc.
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  1. anthony byron
    anthony byron says:

    Definatly some awesome portraits here frank and she did rock the stairs with that full body length pose there 😉 I like it

    1, 4, 5, 6, 7 for me 🙂
    7 especially its just a bit of light falling on the models face and you get a magic shot i cant wait to get strip light to try something similar.

    I have a test shoot coming up to try new things and each time i see your posts makes me more excited for it to experiment with new things.

  2. Mette Brandt
    Mette Brandt says:

    Very nice shots and a stunning model! I love the way you play with the lights, Frank 🙂

    One question: I am a Elinchrom addict, and always look for more from them. I don´t have so much yet, but three BXRI 500, the rotalux 100 x 100 cm and two portalite that came with the flashes (but I not a big fan of those).
    I has always wanted a striplight (with honeycombs, but Elinchrom don´t have that), and are looking for one. And I have looked into the deep octa and the 1,9 octa that u are using. And here is the question: How to you think/deside what to use? What are the primary effects you are looking for when you change from deep octa to 1,9, like in photo #4? How do you choose the modifier?

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      You could get the new strip lights from Elinchrom, they have egg crates, or the light tools versions.

      Every modifier has a unique look, for broad lights (soft) I think the 1.90 mtr is hard to beat, when I want more control and a harsher look I will use the deep octa, but with the deep octa there are so many configurations possible it’s crazy 😉

      So it all depends on the look I want.

  3. Julie aka @jewelzdezine
    Julie aka @jewelzdezine says:

    Love the model Frank. Beautiful shots indeed! I have a question perhaps you might be able to shed some light on. I know that models flock to your studio and you get to pick and choose, however when one is first starting, how do I go about finding models to build my portfolio?

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