Kevin at PSW Plus tip on sunglasses

During PhotoShopWorld my schedule is always busy but one of the things I always make time for is demoing for Expoimaging, as you all know I absolutely love their flashbenders so demoing them is always a blast.



During the demos we always work with a cool model but sometimes you can find even cooler models straight in front of you, and although Kevin (yeah he actually works for Expoimaging) at first didn’t want to be a model, the next day he already said “He I brought sunglasses”….. the addiction of being in front of the camera I always say 😀



So today some images I shot of Kevin at the Expoimaging booth with the Sony A7RII, Rogue Flashbenders, Phottix Mitros+ strobes and Phottix Odin trigger system.

Rogue demos PSW  11 - August 11 2015

Rogue demos PSW  17 - August 11 2015

Rogue demos PSW  25 - August 11 2015

Oh and one quick tip.
Often you can really spice a shot up with adding glasses or sunglasses, but if you have the chance make sure you take a colored one, the reflections can give some really cool effects, and often the more extreme sunglasses are actually pretty cheap 😀Rogue demos PSW  62 - August 12 2015