Valley of fire

For years I’ve been hearing about the Valley of fire and how beautiful it is, however somehow we never found the time to visit it, so this year when we planned our trip to Vegas for PSW we said to each other “Valley of fire has to be on there” and I’m honest…. it was awesome and without a doubt also on the program for next year.



The fun thing….. you know the saying that you will always will find some Dutch people somewhere?
Well in the middle of nowhere we suddenly heard “Hey Frank” and indeed…. Dutch people in the middle of the desert, and also visitors of PSW, as you can see it’s a small world even in a big area, the Dutch are everywhere.



Anyway, enough about the Dutch, here are some of the images I shot that day.
Click on one of the images for a full gallery view.
Oh and indeed I LOVE roads like this 😀