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Santa Cruz here we come….

Teaching workshops on location is one of the most challenging and exciting things, not only for me but also for the attendees of these workshops.
On July 15th I’ll be visiting Santa Cruz for a one day workshop in cooperation with our friends of Expoimaging with the theme “The magic of the small flash”.

In this workshop I’ll teach the group a lot of techniques for the use of speed lights in many different situations ranging from inside to outside, fill in flash and fighting the sun (day to night).

This is a small group workshop and at the moment we only have 3 seats left, so head on over to Watsonville Santa Cruz workshop July 15th 2016 on the site to book your seat and find more information.

Kevin at PSW Plus tip on sunglasses

During PhotoShopWorld my schedule is always busy but one of the things I always make time for is demoing for Expoimaging, as you all know I absolutely love their flashbenders so demoing them is always a blast.



During the demos we always work with a cool model but sometimes you can find even cooler models straight in front of you, and although Kevin (yeah he actually works for Expoimaging) at first didn’t want to be a model, the next day he already said “He I brought sunglasses”….. the addiction of being in front of the camera I always say 😀



So today some images I shot of Kevin at the Expoimaging booth with the Sony A7RII, Rogue Flashbenders, Phottix Mitros+ strobes and Phottix Odin trigger system.

Rogue demos PSW  11 - August 11 2015

Rogue demos PSW  17 - August 11 2015

Rogue demos PSW  25 - August 11 2015

Oh and one quick tip.
Often you can really spice a shot up with adding glasses or sunglasses, but if you have the chance make sure you take a colored one, the reflections can give some really cool effects, and often the more extreme sunglasses are actually pretty cheap 😀Rogue demos PSW  62 - August 12 2015


Working with one light source……and some Rogue magic.

Friday it was time for the small flash workshop with Nadine as my model.

During the small flash workshop the main thing I teach the students is how to work with both E-TTL and full manual mode. The thing I focus up at the start of the workshop is that E-TTL can be easily “fooled” or in other words is not perfect. By explaining this and also explaining how to solve it (and throwing in manual mode with a light-meter) the students are beginning to recognize the problems in a scene and most importantly learn how to counteract the problems.

The fun thing is that you will see that after the first setup most students already pick this up with the next setup.
And to be honest it’s not difficult, but you have to see it to understand it 🙂

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