First post from LA

As you know we’re are in LA at the moment preparing for PSW in Vegas next week, we always add a few days before a show like this to “relax” and do some sightseeing. Of course the images you take during those days are no pieces of art, but I always like to share a few on my blog. So today a blog post with a collection of the images I took during the first 2 days.

How do you know the Dutch are in LA ???
Exactly it rains…. 😀 Sorry guys.


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  1. fred
    fred says:

    I am guessing that you are not working for the Los Angeles board of Tourism. You surely show the grit and hard edges of a city. I myself might have gone into that lingerie shop to find costumes for models….

  2. John_Skinner
    John_Skinner says:

    Watch you back Frank. Rough neighborhood.

    You’ve heard of “Live & Die in L.A.” they weren’t joking.

  3. Ian L. Sitren
    Ian L. Sitren says:

    I used to live a few blocks East of Trashy Lingerie. Actually Trashy is very famous, a favorite of many stars and music people and others infamous for one reason or another. I have been using some of their clothes in my photo shoots for a long time. Just Google “Trashy Lingerie” for fun! And the neighborhood around there is just fine, lots of shops and restaurants and such.

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