Guestblog Morgana Creely

We are on our way to PhotoShopWorld, so that means you will be reading some posts by me from location but also some guestbloggers, and today….. She has been featured before as a guestblogger and with great joy I can give you a new guestblog by Morgana.

When we first start out in photography we shoot the things that we’re passionate about – our family, pets, favourite sport etc. As our knowledge and skills grow we often move away from these thing and more towards the areas of photography we want to specialise in – fashion, portraits, wedding, maternity etc etc. So we’re often reluctant to consider personal projects. We want paid shoots, to raise our profile, to move into the world of professional photography.


The thought of personal projects can remind us too much of where we started. We don’t want to go back there, right? Well yes and no. It’s not about shooting what you’re shot before. It’s all about creating images that you are passionate about. These may or may not been the same thing. You’ve probably read articles about how personal projects can help you expand and learn new skills. Whilst this is certainly true, how engaged you are with the outcome plays a huge part.


The very first person I shot regularly was my very patient [and handsome!] husband Martin. He is still my favourite person to shoot. 🙂 In the beginning I just wanted to create a decent photograph. As my skills improved and I started to develop my own style, the images started to change. To become less formal and more about telling a story, either real or imagined.


Shooting personal projects means that you don’t have anyone to please but yourself. Your vision, your image, your call. If you are passionate about what you are shooting, then you are going to get a hell of a lot more out of it then if you’re just doing it as a means to an end. The way I look at it, anything else is pure bonus. 🙂


– Morgana 🙂