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Kingsday 2023

Today it’s Kingsday in The Netherlands.

In most cities, this is celebrated with activities ranging from concerts to flea markets on the streets.
Today in the blog some images (well actually a lot) to give you an impression of how Kingsday looks in our area.

All are shot with the Samsung Ultra 22 mobile phone, and edited in Lr with my own presets.

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And now as promised, some images.
Click on one of the images for gallery mode (much nicer)



First day in New York the images

In this blog post the images from our first day in New York.
Mostly just some snapshots to give you guys an idea what’s going on.
For the video of course check our vlog “behind the closed DOORs” via Youtube.com/frankdoorhof

Click on one of the tumbnails for a much nicer gallery view.

New York in BW Leica R

During our stay in New York I shot some images with the Yashica Mat 124 which I shared on the blog a few days ago, however I also shot one roll of Kodak 400 BW in my Leica R camera. Today some of my favorite shots from this roll, scanned with the Reflecta MF5000 and Silverfast Studio Ai.


NY  (2)

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Now a lot of people ask me how I became interested in street photography.
Well indeed it’s a bit different from the fashion work we do, but I think it also has a lot of similarities, in my street photography I always try to get the story, the feeling, the tension or movement, Jay Maisel for example calls it Gesture, I call it…. well after hearing that also Gesture 😀 (who can argue with Jay right?)


Finding that special thing, that special feeling is something that I try to do in both my fashion work and streetphotography, in my opinion that’s what sets the snapshot apart from the street photography. Now let me make clear that I only do streetphotography as a hobby and no way claim to be a pro at it, however over time I did find some things that I think can be very interesting for someone starting out with this kind of photography.


One of the most asked questions is always “Where to go?”
Well if you live in a city like New York that’s not hard, it’s a circus coming into town 24/7/365 it’s just not fair, but if you live somewhere else (like most people) some cool places are always close, let’s for example look at some images I took at a standard flea market.

April 12 2013  (6 of 53)-Edit

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