Nirmala Fashion workshop

This Monday and Tuesday we had a Polish guest in our studio for a 1:1 workshop.
These are often the most fun to teach because during the workshops there is a lot of flexibility, I always try to tailor the workshops to the needs of my students and teach them what they want to learn, this not only means that the students have fun, but our models and me too. Doing different light setups totally aimed towards the end result that the student wants often guarantees nice results. Add to this two amazing models Nirmala and Marie and you can imagine why I was looking forward to these to days. In this blog post you can see the results from Nirmala.

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7-7-2011 a special date, and a post about a special some-one

Today a different blog post than you’re used to.
Today it’s 7-7-2011, lets rewind 14 years to 7-7-1997, that’s the day that Annewiek became Annewiek Doorhof.
So today a small blog post about the one that kept up with me for so long……

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The new inside look magazine (for free)

Within our studio there are several people active, but also always (well almost always) one intern.
This intern is always from some form of Photography school and will be working with our team for the period of at least 20-30 weeks. The interns have many assignments ranging from setting up the lights, taking care of our students, doing logistic work for our location workshops or shipping out DVDs, and much much more.

One of the most fun assignments is the making of a magazine.
In this assignment they can let loose all their creativity.
There are no rules.
Every magazine has to look a bit like the previous one, but if they want a totally different look that’s also ok as long as it looks great. Within the magazine there are some guidelines of course…. there have to be interviews with models, makeup artists, some of our sponsors and a selection of images and interesting blog articles. The interns will have the whole period to complete this magazine (and most will need this).

The last few months Dilani has been my intern and the release you can find in this blog post is her magazine.
Do remember that the magazines are essential just for fun, they are not meant to compete with something commercials, they are not meant as a “look what we can do” piece, but they are the “end” assignment for our interns. However we do think the magazines are fun to share with you guys, so please read it as that and enjoy it.

You can find the “Dilani” issue here :
Inside Look magazine