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Working with one light source……and some Rogue magic.

Friday it was time for the small flash workshop with Nadine as my model.

During the small flash workshop the main thing I teach the students is how to work with both E-TTL and full manual mode. The thing I focus up at the start of the workshop is that E-TTL can be easily “fooled” or in other words is not perfect. By explaining this and also explaining how to solve it (and throwing in manual mode with a light-meter) the students are beginning to recognize the problems in a scene and most importantly learn how to counteract the problems.

The fun thing is that you will see that after the first setup most students already pick this up with the next setup.
And to be honest it’s not difficult, but you have to see it to understand it 🙂

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Glasses ?

Just a quick tip today.
When shooting glasses, one of the most asked questions is how to fight the reflections in the glasses.
Well let’s first make clear that reflections are not always a bad thing, but they can be very irritating indeed, the nice thing is that if you know how to eliminate them, you can always choose to leave them in and be creative with them.

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Backstage video Stephanie session

Yesterdays blog post showed you the images.
Todays blog post shows you the backstage video we shot.
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