Fashion serie with Rianne

Sometimes it’s just fun to do some standard shooting in the studio and have some fun with both the model and MUA. This blog post is showing some images from a shoot like that. In this case I worked together with Rianne and Linda (MUA) to create a collection images for Rianne and Linda’s portfolio. In this blog post my personal favorites.

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Video from the session with LT

As promised yesterday here is the video from the session with LT.
Remember that these videos are just shot for fun and are not technical “high points” video wise.
In this video we experimented shooting with two 5DMKII’s, normally we shoot the videos with the Canon HF11 or even the iPhone 4 (amazing phone/camera). Editing was done in Final cut pro X in about an hour. I’ve already mentioned in previous blog posts that I’m not overall negative on FCPx and the more I work with it I have to say that I grow to love it more and more, if they add Multicam soon enough I will be very happy because that’s one feature I REALLY miss.


At the moment we have also started editing with Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5 and the coming weeks/months I will use both systems side to side and finally will OR work in both OR make a decision which we will start using professionally. At the moment PP has the edge for add ons, filters etc. but the speed in which you edit in FCPx is amazing so it will be a difficult decision, on the other hand you can always use both 😀
So without wasting more of your time here is the video :

Do remember that you can also watch it in full HD1080P.

Session with LT

This week we booked a session with LT and Suzanne van Duijn.
Suzanne approached me if I was willing to work out something with bright colors and some “funky” styling. Well when someone asks me something like that I’m all ears. Because LT has a lot of B&W and more “faded” colors in her portfolio she was the perfect for this session, or in other words “let’s give her some more color in her portfolio”.

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Email and new Social media like Google+

Well ok this seems to have nothing to do with Photography but in fact it does.
How often did you send out an E-mail and got no response ?
Well I guess many times…..
Same here.

So we decided to take a look at why, and how to solve this and found some rather disturbing facts.
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