Tip : don’t be afraid to be different

We can all shoot a model against a seamless background, that’s not really hard.
We can all add a little bit of styling into the mix, but often it stops there.
One of the tips I love to give to people is “be a little bit more daring, add some humor or a twist to your shots”

As you can see in this image with Sheena.
She walked on set in this amazing outfit and told me “It’s even on the back” well…. that triggered me to take this shot.
You don’t see the face of the model so for some it’s not a modelshot, but for me a photograph is not about the model… it’s about a story, it’s about a feeling, and the model for me is just a means to an end (so to say), and in this case I think Sheena did great.

I didn’t just want to shoot the shirt in a “standard” fashion so I asked her to pull it down and give some tension to it.
Also composition wise I didn’t want her slam bam in the middle so I placed her a bit more to the side.
So for your next shoot…. experiment and tell a story, or just add a touch of humor 😀
There is plenty of room for the “normal” model shots 😀


For much more tips, techniques etc. check out my book “Mastering the model shoot” or our instructional videos (also available via this site).