Tip : working with curtains

Sometimes you just wonder… “what to use as a backdrop”.
You’ve already used your seamless.
You’ve already used your walls.
You’ve already used……………………….

Remember that there is always something you can use as a backdrop, but it becomes interesting when a model can use it also in her posing, or to hide something. That’s why curtains can be absolutely awesome, you can mount them on a background system, or (like in this case) just use the curtains that are there.

This was shot during a demo day for Sony on the SS Rotterdam, and the curtains were actually part of the room we were in.
As you can see Nadine uses them to pose, hide and also I think they look great with her clothing, making something that in essence is pretty simple, really stand out. That’s also part of todays tip, don’t forget the styling, mixing things is cool but always keep an eye out that they fit together.


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