Shoot into the light

Playing with light is always fun.
Most of the time people will however not include the light source, in my opinion including the light source can be very interesting, especially when you take of your sun hood (or even better use a cheap lens) which will get you some nice lens flares.


In todays post some images from a workshop I did with Nadine in which I shot straight into the light source for some more extreme lighting effects.

Nadine Februari 7 2014 (85 of 297)-Edit

Nadine Februari 7 2014 (94 of 297)-Edit

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  1. Keenan Butcher
    Keenan Butcher says:

    thats something I do in The nightclubs.(over the last 10 years as the lightshow have got bigger) ..not by choice tho its just their light show and it either works or blows the picture out when it works its great …timing and keeping that one eye open is helpful 🙂

  2. Morgana
    Morgana says:

    Playing with light is definitely fun, and like your image here, including the source can definitely add to the image. 🙂

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