Low or high angles ROCK

It’s all in the angles boys and girls…
Well not really, but they are very important.
Most of us start out by shooting images from the eyes perspective, pretty obvious because it’s how we see the world, no matter if you are vertically challenged, or tall like me we all see the world from our own perspective, so when we see images that way the “impact” can be much less than it would be if the photographer would have chosen a different angle, for example really high or really low.

Personally I love to play with these angles.
Don’t be afraid to include the sun in your frame also, in fact I often try to do this on purpose 😀

Here are two examples of a higher angle and a really low angle.
Go out and play with…. your angles…. or something like that 😀
Feel free to post some results.ingrid june 15 2016  0057