MTM : The Light meter in 4K deluxe box

A few weeks ago we released our new video “Mastering the model shoot : The light meter”, a video jam-packed with everything you always wanted to know about the light meter but couldn’t find anywhere else.


You can order the download (29.95) from : 
The 4K keep case (35.00) you can order from our store here.


The video was available as 1080P download from our website (here), but the video itself was filmed in 4K.
For people who don’t know what 4K is, it’s a very high resolution with loads more information than full HD, or in simple terms it simply looks awesome.


Next to the download release we also wanted a physical media release and the options were DVD or BD, but both don’t support the high resolution of 4K so we decided to do something completely new. After a lot of thoughts and tests we finally found a cool way to present this (and our future) video.


Guys (and girls) I’m proud to present :
“Mastering the model shoot : The light meter” 4K in deluxe box.


bakje met kaartje-1


As you can see the video is presented on a StudioFD USB stick in a nice metal keep case and includes an F-stop “cheat” sheet.


For more information on the video see :


You can order the download (29.95) from :
The 4K keep case (35.00) you can order from our store here.

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  1. Laurence Trolet
    Laurence Trolet says:

    Just bought it and can’t wait to watch it !! Already know it is going to be great because i had the opportunity to attend one of Frank’s workshop, have all his videos and he has taught me so much already. He is one of the best out there. Love his work . Yes you guessed it i am a huge fan. Frank thank you for making me buy and use my lightmeter 🙂

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