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Video review Sony 24-240 Lens and loads of travel and street photography tips

Today the final part of my review of the Sony E-mount 24-240 lens.
During the review period Annewiek took some video of me shooting and sharing tips on Texel.
You can see some of the shots and the tips in this episode of Quite Frankly.
Feel free to share the video.


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MTM : The Light meter in 4K deluxe box

A few weeks ago we released our new video “Mastering the model shoot : The light meter”, a video jam-packed with everything you always wanted to know about the light meter but couldn’t find anywhere else.


You can order the download (29.95) from : https://frankdoorhof.com/web/shop-videos-etc/direct-video-downloads/ 
The 4K keep case (35.00) you can order from our store here.


The video was available as 1080P download from our website (here), but the video itself was filmed in 4K.
For people who don’t know what 4K is, it’s a very high resolution with loads more information than full HD, or in simple terms it simply looks awesome.


Next to the download release we also wanted a physical media release and the options were DVD or BD, but both don’t support the high resolution of 4K so we decided to do something completely new. After a lot of thoughts and tests we finally found a cool way to present this (and our future) video.


Guys (and girls) I’m proud to present :
“Mastering the model shoot : The light meter” 4K in deluxe box.


bakje met kaartje-1


As you can see the video is presented on a StudioFD USB stick in a nice metal keep case and includes an F-stop “cheat” sheet.


For more information on the video see :


You can order the download (29.95) from : https://frankdoorhof.com/web/shop-videos-etc/direct-video-downloads/
The 4K keep case (35.00) you can order from our store here.

4K video shot during the New York workshops

Today I share a video we shot during the workshops in New York.
This was the first trip we used a 4K camera, the Sony AX100.
I have to say, it rocks….


I will post a small review later in the month.
But today here is the link to the video shot in New York.
You can select the 4K option from the YouTube preferences.


If you like what you see and also want to join one of these workshops, I have some great news.
August 29-30-31 I will be back in New York and do a 3 day Ultimate Workshop Weekend in this location, we still have some tickets left, visit this link for more information and registration.