The complete picture

We all know that adding motion is often that little thing that makes a photo jump out, however always also remember that it’s still very important to keep you eye out for the styling, in this sample shot for example I did not only add the motion but also matched the clothing to the hair of the model and the background.



Often people ask me how to improve their photography or they see they are missing something and in 99% of the cases it’s not a matter of a bad photo but more a matter of giving attention to 2 parts of the 5 parts that make a great shot… now don’t think I consider my shots to be great 😀 but I do always try to mix and match everything together, and because it often looks like a complete shot you don’t see how much care we take for the little things like for example a gridded spot to give a bit more contrast to the clothing and putting the vignetting around the model.

So try to make your shots “complete” think about the complete picture and see if it ALL fits together. Sometimes it’s a very small change you need to make for a huge difference.