Goodbye Lynn

During the year we always have one or two interns to help us out and of course learn about photography.
During their internship I always offer them a chance to be in front of the camera, I think it’s important to also experience this, and some do and some don’t… Lynn waited to the almost last day and did something pretty unique…… so let’s see how Lynn says goodbye from her internship 😀


Nice extra detail, Lynn is for 99% responsible for the design and paint on the background, and I think she did a splendid job.


Bye Lynn 😀
Lynn Garritsen Januari 27 2015  0004

Lynn Garritsen Januari 27 2015  0015

Lynn Garritsen Januari 27 2015  0024

Lynn Garritsen Januari 27 2015  0032


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  1. Elaine
    Elaine says:

    Cool! LOL Looks like a lot of fun. Hmmm..maybe next time I get in front of the camera I will have to borrow this costume! 🙂

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