Annewiek 40 Happy Birthday

Today Annewiek celebrates her 40th birthday, and indeed… she doesn’t look a day over 22 🙂


As you all know Annewiek is always with me during travels, if you book me… well Annewiek is part of the package. And even while we travel so much we still don’t have enough of each other.


Now although we travel a lot we always try to follow one simple rule, with birthdays we try to be at home, for the simple reason we find that family is the most important thing in the world, but you have also found out via social media probably that at the moment I’m teaching in Tenerife, so this is the first time ever we are not home for a birthday (but of course Annewiek is with me).


So I would love to see a BIG happy birthday from all you guys on our social media channels so Annewiek feels at home 😀


I’ll start by wishing her a SMASHING happy Birthday….

Tenerife A7r  (87) - February 04, 2015

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  1. John Rios
    John Rios says:

    Congratulation Frank on Annewiek’s birthday and please wish your wife the best on her special day! If I may share a story; I had the pleasure of meeting Annewiek during the photowalk lead by you in Cologne and what set her apart was the fact she was so genuine during the walk filming us and proved it the following day when I was walking around alone among the booths in Photonika and I heard a “hello there”, she remembered me from the night before, was very helpful and a concerned wife about you Frank!

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