PSW classes results and some iPhone as light fun

Today some of the images I shot during my classes at PhotoShopWorld in Las Vegas.
Time is always limited of course during these classes so don’t expect portfolio material, but it’s always fun to share.

Class 1  (6 of 15)-Edit

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A few soccer images

Sometimes I just love to shoot sports, and although I would by no stretch label myself as a sports shooter I do like it a lot, finding the action, expressions etc.
The last few months have been so busy that I hardly had anytime to visit a game let alone shoot one, so it was nice to be asked to shoot the team photo and give me excuse to stay for the first half to shoot some of the action.


Again I purely post these for fun so don’t think I have ambitions to become a sports shooter lol.
Sony A99 with Sony 70-400.


SCE September 28 2014 (8 of 240)

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A tip on skin retouching

One of the most made mistakes during retouching is “overdoing it” on the skin.
In my opinion the final image should have nice skin, not a barby doll.


You always have to see skin as 2 separate things.
1. the pores and details
2. the color


The biggest problem is often the color.
When you look at a models face you can often see many different colors, sometimes in smaller areas next to each other, sometimes in bigger areas, overall it makes the face often look very “uneven”.


For years people have been trying to counteract this by blurring, putting in new details by adding noise (a very nice technique overall) or using plugins like Imagenomic Portraiture or Topaz Clean 3 (2 which I often use). The results are often very nice, especially the 2 mentioned above can give you great results and they are very fast (Imagenomic can be even done as an action for the same model, making retouching a series very fast). When you wanted perfection there always was/is dodging and burning, a very time consuming process that can easily take you up to 3-4-5+ hours to complete.


A few weeks ago I got into the whole “Frequency Separation” technique for skin technique and must say that I’m very impressed with it, at the moment it’s my main “to go to” technique for a “perfect retouch”.


In essence you split the details and the skin tones making it possible to literally blend the skin tones into each other creating a very nice and even skin appearance, but because the details are on top you don’t loose these. Now because the details are separated from the skin tones you can retouch all you want on that layer without worrying about “infecting” tones and luminosity.


Of course I first have to try out techniques before I share them, but at the moment I feel more than confident that this is a very powerful and great technique that can benefit every fashion/portrait/etc. photographer so I created a small video on the use of this technique for the Quite Frankly series.


You can find it here :


Remember that the retouching in the video is rather “sloppy” when using this technique you can do a pretty good retouch of the face in about 5-10 minutes, and ok it’s a lot longer than running Imagenomic Portraiture (10-15 seconds) but the results is A LOT better.

PSW small flash demo results

During Photoshop World I often also teach some classes on the Expo floor.
One of the classes I love to do is about small flash, I teach these for ExpoImaging (the creators of the flash benders) and it’s always fun to see people being surprised about what you can actually do with these little flashes.


All shots were done with one strobe, and sometimes helped with some iPhones 😀
Expo imaging Dag 1  (12 of 52)-Edit

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