Using smoke and colors

Using smoke in a photoshoot is cool, it really adds some extra “oempf” to a shot, and it helps to mask uninteresting backgrounds of course.
When you start adding color to the smoke shot I always feel the shots are extra special.


In these shots I used a standard (cheap) smoke machine and one strobe with a red gel, as you can see I shoot under an almost straight angle into the light source. Because of the way smoke behaves you get a beautiful effect, adding a bit of Intensify pro from MacPhun (you can also use Topaz clarity of course or NIK tonal contrast) really finishes the shot.

Lenaa Juli 25 20142098

Lenaa Juli 25 20142111

Stephanie Omogun testsession

Today some images from a testshoot with Stephanie Omogun.
We do these small sessions sometimes to see if a model is fits our work, and I personally think she did very well, so you will see her again.

Stephanie Omogun Augustus 22 2014       5 1

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New York street photography

During our stay in New York for the Ultimate workshop weekend I did not have a lot of free time, but I still tried to squeeze in some extra time for some street photography because let’s be honest in New York it’s amazing to shoot this kind of stuff.


Today some of my results.
I wish I had some more time but it is as it is 😀

Augustus 26 2014 NYC  (2 of 130)_DxO

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Using backlights in street photography

One of the things a lot of people ask me is “how to get instant WOW effects in street photography”
My first answer is always “there is no this will always work solution”.


You will always have to look for the story, the setting etc. but one of the things that will indeed come close to a certain WOW effect (at least for me) is using backlights. During our trip in New York I shot these shots just before sunset.

Augustus 27 2014 NY  (98 of 222)_DxO

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