About our videos and a nice discount

A lot of people ask us about the instructional videos.
So I thought, let’s answer some of these questions here.

Why are they so cheap?
Well it’s simple, we want them to be available for everyone, we could very easily price them at $200.00 but I would rather reach a large group of people than just a few.

Is there a difference between your YouTube videos and what I pay for?
DUH of course, you really have to see these totally separate, if you already like our YouTube material you’re gonna love the videos, on YouTube we only show some backstage material and our podcasts but it’s all very basic and well… free. If we charge for something you can bet your money on it that it’s worth it, so in short HECK YEAH.

Are the older ones still valid?
Yes they are, I hate to repeat myself on videos so with each video we try to find new things to explain, this is also why there are different series, by the way we priced the older videos also differently so that you can see for yourself 🙂

What can I expect on the videos?
all the videos are literally jam-packed with information about model photography, like you I don’t like a video where you are watching a model pose for 15 minutes without any information, so we kept the scenes just long enough for me to do the voice over with the information…. this will mean you will hear me A LOT during the video so beware 🙂

Is Photoshop also covered?
On the live in New Jersey video there is a large part on Photoshop and retouching.

Which video is best for the light meter?
Without any doubt Live in Boston and Live in the UK, these videos have a lot of information about the meter and metering the more difficult setups, however on all videos the meter is used and explained.

I have problems with coaching the models, which video do you advise?
Without a doubt the Live in New Jersey video, here you can see me working with new models I never worked with before and you see me coaching the models to do get to the final shot I want including expression, movie like posing and more.

What is your own favorite video?
Oh difficult question….
I personally really like the “live in” series, those videos are shot live during workshops and that is still a special kind of “thing”.

But I also really like the “light” series because they are very much aimed at certain topics and build from those.

I’m an absolute beginner, which one should I buy?
The video “guide to model photography” is aimed at the starting photographer, but the Live in the UK video uses only one strobe in it’s setups and is also very easy to follow.

And because I’m in a good mood let’s make ordering the videos a bit more interesting by offering a 20% discount…. use the code action99 when checking out and get the discount via https://frankdoorhof.com/web/shop-videos-etc/direct-video-downloads/

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  1. Norbert
    Norbert says:

    Hi Frank, I just tried your above discount code (action99), but it doesn’t work, it seems to be expired. Do you offer a valid discount code or is there a discount available when buying several videos?

    Thanks in advance.


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