Well ok I promised to not go to our skatepark again for some time…..
But let’s be honest where else to shoot a skateboarder.
Last week I was asked by one of the attendees to teach a 2 day 1:1 workshop about the different ways I shoot motion. Now as you know I love shooting motion so I was really looking forward to these workshops, and although I was suffering from the flu we still carried on 😀


These images were shot on the local skatepark.
The trick for mimicking air time can be very easy. Just use a wide angle lens and sit really low.
I used two Elinchrom ELC units here with maxi lights on an Inovatronix battery pack.

Melvyn Pluijmers Maart 13 2014  (69 of 81)-Edit

Melvyn Pluijmers Maart 13 2014  (80 of 81)-Edit