Some speed with Manon and the ELCs

Because animated gifs are popping up everywhere I thought “let’s try one with the ELCs”.
So today I present you “headache” with Manon.
Shot during a workshop.
By the way, the speed of the ELCs (and most of all the freezing power at these speeds) do help the photographer to get the perfect frozen motion shot a lot quicker.



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  1. Ulf
    Ulf says:

    HI, that sounds really cool. 5fps? At which power? at full power? at the power with the fastest duration? Just at minimum power? ..
    Do I need a special mode or with the “normal standard” settings?
    Thanks a lot,
    best regards. Ulf

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      Fastest flashduration is on half power with this series, on full power it’s still above 1/2200 so it will also freeze more than enough, but… it won’t recycle fast enough for 7-11fps.

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