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Don’t you just love motion

One of the things I absolutely LOVE to do is adding motion to a shot, especially freezing it.
For my classic portraiture series I’m working with some artists and actors to build a small series and one of the people on my list was Lorenzo.
Now maybe you know Lorenzo from “So you think you can dance” and the movie “Body Language” and if you do, you know this boy can move….


Lorenzo was more than willing to pose for the classic portraits (which I show later in the week), but he also had some cool ideas himself, and when a dancer has some ideas… well just go with it.


Today some of the results from that session.

Lorenzo  November 11 2014 0016

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Tip about posing and motion

Often people think that when you shoot an image you have to “pose” the model, and although this is true in some cases, for me it often works best to let the model pose “freely” let her/him find the poses that are comfortable and from there on I will slightly adjust the pose to make it “work” for me.
Adding motion brings in a whole new dimension, don’t let the model jump, but ask her to very slightly move her body away from the floor (yeah I know it sounds weird) this will not only give her/him a good laugh but also actually says exactly what she/he has to do.
Now if the model has a problem with the mouth (often it can be a bit “weird”) tell them to scream (without making sound) or shout “Shabang” (LOL) this will help enormously with relaxing the mouth or in other words not making it look funky.


An extra benefit of the small “jumps” is that it can also be done with strobes that have a slightly slower flash duration or if the model is wearing high-heels, because trust me… you don’t want a model to jump high with high-heels…. well actually the jump is not the problem but the coming down 😀


Good luck.
Manon October 3 2014 0874

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Well ok I promised to not go to our skatepark again for some time…..
But let’s be honest where else to shoot a skateboarder.
Last week I was asked by one of the attendees to teach a 2 day 1:1 workshop about the different ways I shoot motion. Now as you know I love shooting motion so I was really looking forward to these workshops, and although I was suffering from the flu we still carried on 😀


These images were shot on the local skatepark.
The trick for mimicking air time can be very easy. Just use a wide angle lens and sit really low.
I used two Elinchrom ELC units here with maxi lights on an Inovatronix battery pack.

Melvyn Pluijmers Maart 13 2014  (69 of 81)-Edit

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Shoots with impact

Often people ask me “Frank, how do I create a shot with more impact?”
My answer is often incredibly simple “Shoot something with impact”


Sound obvious right?
Well it actually is to be honest, it’s an answer that is used so many times by the great photographers in the world, “if you think your images are not interesting enough, make sure you shoot something that interesting”. For model photography that means I love to work with strong colors, and my personal preference…..well red.


So today some images “with impact” shot during a session with Nadine.

Nadine Maart 7 2014 (2 of 130)-Edit

Now the real fun starts when you add a little bit of motion.

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