How to shoot for the stars or fireworks or the christmas tree

Tip about shooting fireworks or Christmas tree


In today’s blog a quick tip on how to shoot a continuous light source and add some strobe power to give an awesome end result. For example with fireworks or Christmas tree

When we combine continuous light sources with strobes,  always remember :

  • The strobe is a pulse that will appear very fast during exposure.
  • The continuous light will build up over time.

Normally, we would set the strobe on the lowest setting and adjust camera settings like ISO and Aperture to fit your lens wide open.
Now use the shutter speed to let in the continuous light until you like the effect.

Do remember that when working with strobes the max speed is often 1/125 (Xsync), you can go faster when using HSS (high-speed sync) or some other solutions like leaf shutter lenses but in this case going faster is not really the issue.

For the following images, I’m using a Geekoto small softbox with a grid to give a nice soft but focused lighting effect on the model.
When shooting a series I’m always experimenting with different angles (contrast) around the model, but also from a lower or higher perspective.
This gives you a lot of different options and looks, which especially when working with clients will give you a great way to let the client choose his or her favorite look.

I thought these were fitting for this period. Enjoy the photos I took of Claudia holding simple fireworks.

shooting fireworks or christmas tree

So now you know how to shoot fireworks. You can do the same for a lit Christmas tree of course.

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Something else, but very Christmassy, is our walk in the Orchideeënhoeve in winter style